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Ive been filming wedding cinematography/ videography for over 7 years now and I feel that all that hard work has led to this film. Looking back on the time, I have gone through countless amount of film, editing, searching for music and telling love stories. If you were to take a minute to check out one of my first films, you would notice the difference in filming + editing techniques, creative style and an insane amount of passion. I have grown to love what I do and I hope my artistic impression is scene through my latest films.

This wedding was completely off the hook! First off.. I got to work with some amazing Canadians who literally made me feel at home. I guess I owe a major amount of credit to the bride and groom for being so good-looking! They both looked stunning. Sasha, looked like a complete super model with a side of Marilyn Monroe while Jordan wore it well, looking like a complete boss. Yes, I went there and Im not taking it back.

Here is one of my favourite films to date!


- BS


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